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RELEASE DATE: January 24, 2014

Prayer Weapons For 2014

By Emmanuel O. Olowokere

biblePastor Emmanuel Olusola Olowokere is a teacher of the word with an uncommon spiritual and biblical insight. Sharp, witty, and blessed with prophetic unction, Pastor Olowokere combines rare spiritual qualities. Pastor Olowokere is the Pastor-in- charge at the Strong Tower Parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. He is also the Coordinator of the RCCG North America Minnesota Zone 1. He is married to Pastor Olajumoke and they have a son and three daughters

Prayer Weapons for 2014 is a collection of prayers for each month of the year that enables you sow the greatest seed you can sow for your future, the seed of prayer.Prayer Weapons for 2014 is a prayer weapon book. It’s a weapon in your hands to fight for your future. Something you are not able to fight for, you are not worthy to live for. If you can fight for your future, you can possess your future and this tool will assist you in guaranteeing a successful 2014. These prayer topics are relevant to you not just in 2013 but 2014 and beyond.

bible Praise: My Key To a High Place explores the need to Praise God and provides an in-depth study of effective ways to praise God, based on biblical principles and examples. It reviews the revelation of the glory of God through praise and the manifestation of the role of praise and the reward of praise.

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